episode 4: legacy

“the step we must take now – which will be a really revolutionary one – is to bring this possibility of an easier life within the reach of everyone” (from goldfingers ‘homes of tomorrow’ essay, june 1946). in the final programme of the series we hear from an internationally renowned architect, a local design team, visual and sound artists and a social enterprise scheme, all of whom have been influenced or inspired by erno goldfinger and the ethos of 20th century utopian design.


episode 3: community

“the success of any scheme depends on the human factor – the relationship of people to each other and the frame of their daily life which the building provides” (from goldfingers balfron report, 1969). this episodes focus is on the intractable subject of community, including the social space of lifts, a goldfinger family journal, ballardian connections, a balfron art project and the question of high rise communities against their low rise alternatives.

episode 2: home

“dwellings are built and homes are made”, so claimed architect erno goldfinger in his essay ‘homes of tomorrow’, june 1946. this programme includes a tour of goldfingers hampstead home, further readings from his archive, extracts from books by ryan gander and nigel warburton, and the experiences and recollections of residents who live in the tower blocks he designed.

episode 1: landscape

“the purpose of architecture is not to create a spatial sensation but to fulfill a social function with the best means of an up-to-date technology” (from a draft of goldfingers 1948 aa lecture). the first episode in the series looks at the social, political, architectural and artistic landscape from which erno goldfinger arose, alongside the post war development of high rise buildings and the polarising aesthetics of brutalism.